To vote on Bit-Z please follow these SIMPLE steps


1. Register here(It is very important to register through this link or use Referral ID: 1142839, because you will get extra VTC coins.)

2. Confirm your email

3. Login again

4. Complete Level 1 and Level 2 verification

5. Enable 2-FA authentication

6. Make sure your account is Level 2 and you’ve activated 2-FA. (It is important for the voting. If you miss this step you are not going to get your VTC tokens.)

7. Go to “Vote” page

8. Scroll to Pokercoin

9. Click on “Detail”

Please note that it can take up to an hour before you receive your VTC tokens to vote.

10. Slide the dotted line. Please use all your VTC available.

11. Click “Vote”

12. Make a screenshot and upload it here to get further POKERCOINs for free

Please note that: After registering you will receive free VTC votecoins. 50 VTC for registering and 50 extra VTC coins for the first 4000 voters. It can take a while before your funds are added to your account (up to an hour). You can check your VTC funds under “Funds”.

Voting rules


  • Voting Start Date: December 29, 2017 15:00
  • Voting Deadline: January 5, 2018 15:00
  • Maximum Refundable Number of Votes: 200 VTC
  • Voting Range: 1 VTC – 200 VTC
  • Target Votes: 1,000,000 VTC
  • Bonus:5,000,000 POKER
Bit-Z is going to distribute 5 000 000 POKERCOINs among the voters and we are also giving out POKERCOINs for free if you are willing to upload your screenshot from the voting.